Thursday, May 27, 2010

The one with the ultrasound!

Holy amazingly cool. That's all there is to it.

I can't really focus enough to describe the whole experience. The tech squirted the gel on my belly, put the probe down, and BAM - there was our baby's friggin' adorable face. It was actually a really amazing profile shot and very cool that we got it right off the bat. Then she just proceeded to take a tour of my uterus, taking pictures and measurements of the baby. The little heart was beating away. The hands were stretching. The baby was rolling around, squirming, trying to cozy up and get comfortable. I saw feet and lips and a nose and eye sockets and the spine. SO COOL. Everything looked perfect. Everything looked strong and healthy and just ... just perfect. It's because of all the Cheetos and chocolate milk, I tell ya. That's how you make a strong baby, apparently.

Boyd, unfortunately, had to wait outside for the first part of the exam - all the measurements and stuff - but she called him in after she got all the pictures she needed and she showed us all the little parts of the baby. There's only one in there (phew) and she said that we have a very photogenic baby. She quickly passed over the bum area and said "and here's the bum" ... I've looked at LOTS of ultrasound photos and I knew what to look for when it came to figuring out the sex. I think I might know what it is, but I don't want to say anything unless I'm wrong. We'll be making a 3D ultrasound appointment tomorrow for hopefully sometime next week ... so we'll find out then for sure!

It's still all pretty surreal. That baby is inside me. That bumping and thumping I'm feeling right now is the baby's hands punching me. Insane. It was really neat to see where the baby is right now in terms of position. Right now, it's laying across my abdomen; the placenta is toward the top of my belly; the baby's head is on my right, legs are on my left, and it's facing upward (spine down). Picture it as if I'm cradling the baby in my arms with the head in the crook of my right arm. That's how it's positioned right now. And since I really only feel the thumps and bumps on the right side and sometimes the middle, we've established that the baby IS indeed punching and headbutting me rather than kicking. Hilarious!

We didn't get a picture because they wouldn't print one for us. We had to buy all the prints for $50 and we decided that since we're spending money on the 3D ultrasound that also includes a CD of pictures, why spend the extra money on a CD of pictures that we won't even get for a few weeks anyway? So, no pictures ... YET. Once we get the 3D ultrasound done, we'll post a picture (or two, or a million) of the best-lookin' baby in the world.

My next doctor's appointment is June 14 and then we will go over all the results of the ultrasound. I noticed, though, that when she was taking measurements, I was measuring 20 weeks 0 days for pretty much everything. This actually coincides exactly with how far along I thought I was (just a few days later than the OB said). I'm sure we'll go over all of that at my next appointment, but I just thought it was kind of neat. I'm really looking forward to the next appointment - I can't wait to get more details about what's going on in there!!

So surreal. So so amazing.


  1. Whoo hoo, I'm glad you had a wonderful experience, but are you sure you wouldn't want 2 in there?? TWINS are great you know!!!! Thinking of you

  2. Twins are DEFINITELY great! Actually, I had always wanted twins, but the idea of one baby + a move across the country + a husband who's away half the month is daunting enough, let alone two babies + all that stuff :) So, for this pregnancy, I'm glad it's just the one.

  3. OM GOM GOMG I WANNA SEE HIM/HER!!!!! (that meaning him OR her, not a hermaphrodite baby, even though I would still LOVE him/her...ugh, you know what I mean!) I also wanna know what you think it is - will you tell us if you were right after you know?? I am SO excited!!!! Rufus is all kinds of awesome!!