Saturday, May 29, 2010

The one with our little baby Skeletor

Despite the fact that it's dark as anything outside and spitting thunderstorms, I got out of bed and headed back over to UC Baby when they opened this morning to get a new CD of images. I'm glad I did because at least now I'm showered and awake and I won't end up wasting my Saturday.

Anyhow, without further ado, here are a few more pictures of our baby girl. I'm a touch disappointed with the pictures, mainly because they were so focused on getting face shots ... and really, she's not all chubby and cute yet so face shots still look very skeletal and slightly creepy. I wish they'd gotten a few more profile shots and body part shots, but hey - whatever!

Now I, Skeletor, am master of the universe!

This is a nice profile shot - plus, she's totally giving us the thumbs up. Aaaay!

Arm up over her head, opening her mouth.

Creepy babies can smile too, you know.

If you're having trouble, just tilt your head slightly to the left. See the heart shape in the mid-right-corner? That's our kid, spread eagle, showing off the goods.

And last, but not least, teeny baby foot!!

I'm taking suggestions for any hilarious (preferably rhyming) fake fetus names that are girl appropriate now that, sadly, Rufus-Doofus doesn't really work. I need something otherwise I'm going to accidentally slip up and call her by her real name which no one is allowed to know until after she's born! So, lay 'em on me people!

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  1. You know I love the thumbs up pose. She's a Chapman all the way and so funny.