Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The one with the due date...

It appears that BoJu is following in his big sister's footsteps and choosing not to come before or on his due date (although there are still 7.5 hours left in this day...).  Due dates given to me were December 21 (Sunday, that was from the ultrasound) and today (from my cycle).  No real signs of him showing up anytime soon!  I have been having contractions basically all week but they amount to nothing.  Otherwise, nada.

Now, if he's going to be late, he's going to need to be quite late.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then it's Christmas Day!  Wait for a little bit, BoJu!

Of course, like last time, the fun emails that I get detailing the baby's growth are now congratulating me on my newborn baby so I have no real updates there.  Here at home, we are pretty much ready for him.  I have my bag packed and waiting by the door.  His room is mostly done - it is functional, like Charlotte's was, but there are still a few decorative aspects I need to finish up.  His clothes are all washed and put away and all his diapers are clean, dry, stuffed, and ready!

Ah they all fit so perfectly!!

The next update will be a birth story, I'm sure!  :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The one with two weeks left...

Two weeks left until BoJu's due date, can you believe that?  It has certainly been harder to keep up with the blog this time around but I have been trying.

I hit 38 weeks pregnant today and I'm really looking forward to meeting my little boy.  I feel massive and I'm uncomfortable so I'm ready to get him outta me for those reasons!

37 weeks with Charlotte vs. 34 weeks with BoJu

I feel a lot bigger this time around and I have been measuring ahead at a few appointments.  I haven't gained as much weight this time (I think I'm at around 24lbs now) so I think it's just the way he is sitting.  Charlotte was stretched out - I remember writing about "so much for the fetal position" - and he is all curled up in a ball in the front.  I can feel his little heel or elbow or something pointy sticking out all the time.  He has been head down for months now (yay!) so I'm hoping he's getting himself ready to come on out.  He is sitting quite low and I can sometimes feel him just burying himself into my pelvic bones.  So so comfortable, I love it.  NOT.

I finished work last week (November 28) on doctor-ordered sick leave prior to starting maternity leave.  Because of the way he is sitting and how my belly is, I've been in so much pelvic pain and have had shooting pains and numbness going down my leg.  Simple things like driving and walking had become unbearable so I was written off work early.  I'm very grateful for that because I can rest my body now and prepare for labour and delivery.  Now when I'm hurting, I have the option of changing positions, laying down, sitting on the exercise ball, etc. whereas I did not have those options at work.  It has definitely helped.  Now I am just home, trying to finish getting things ready, and wait for my son to arrive!

We are still working on getting his nursery all set up.  We let Charlotte choose the theme for his room and she decided on robots.  LOVE!  We have his crib, dresser/change table, and rocking chair in the room already.  It is getting painted tomorrow (a blue-grey colour called "gentle sea") and I plan to spend Thursday putting everything away and decorating as best I can.  Charlotte is visiting Grammie and Grampie for the week so I am trying to take advantage of the extra "alone" time that I have to get these things finished up.  I will definitely post some photos when I'm all done!  Right now, it's just a mess and will be an even bigger mess tomorrow when it is being painted  :)

Part of his room decor I got at Target  :)

So now that we know what is going on with me, let's find out what's going on with him!  What's in the baby update this week?

BoJu was officially full term last week, so now he's just sort of hanging out in there, putting on a bit more weight, and waiting to come out.  He is shedding his weird fetus hair and cheesy white goo in preparation to come out and be all cute  ;)  All of his organs are developed and ready!  Here we go, little bud - you're ready so come on out!