Monday, May 24, 2010

The one with the halfway mark...

That's right! 20 weeks today - we've made it halfway. That's INSANE. It's really got me thinking about all the things we need to get. We currently have: a crib, a dresser/change table, a bumbo, and two pairs of socks. Insert raised eyebrows here. Realistically, I know that we're not getting much now because then we have to pack it all and ship it across the country when we move in two months. I know we'll get all the rest when we get back to Nova Scotia. But it still has me a teeny bit anxious.

Not much is new over here since the last time I posted. Rufus is thumping away like crazy these days. Maggie came up to cuddle on my lap the other day and as soon as she settled in and started purring, Rufus started punching her. I don't know if she felt it, but it sure made me laugh. He's currently busting a move to Rock n' Roll High School by the Ramones. He's definitely our kid.

I'll be sure to post an update on Thursday when we have our ULTRASOUND (woo!!) but since things are quiet over here, I'll simply leave you all with a baby update for the week!

Rufus-Doofus is the size of a cantaloupe! Holy that seems big (although I know that's it's just comparable in length but still...). He's swallowing a lot more and his digestive system is busy making meconium which will be his first bowel movement after birth. If Rufus is a girl, her uterus is fully formed. Weird. Is there another uterus in my uterus? Who knows!

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