Thursday, May 13, 2010

The one with some interaction


I know, I've been a bit slack with the updating. Sorry! I'd like to say it's because I'm busy, but it's not. It's because I'm too lazy. Yep, too lazy to update a blog. That's
reeeeeallly lazy.

Anywho, I hit 18 weeks on Monday. Wow! I've been feeling the baby move a little bit here and there. It's mostly only when I'm really paying attention and there's a bit of pressure on my tummy (i.e. if I've got my hand there or if I'm sleeping on my tummy). I'm wondering if I might have an anterior placenta (the placenta is in the front of my uterus) because the movements I am feeling are very
very slight. It's still pretty neat! I can't wait until it gets a little bit stronger...

Remind me that I said that in a month or two when the kid's feet are banging on my ribs from the inside, heh.

Boyd likes to talk to the baby. Just the other day, he put his face close to my tummy and started talking ... and I felt movement. How exciting! The baby is interacting with us! We both thought it was very cool. I do look forward to when Boyd can feel it too.

As far as doctor's appointments and whatnot go, I have my next one on Monday morning. I don't think it's going to be anything special, but it'll be nice to see how things are progressing. The big show is on the 27th when we go for the ultrasound. I can't wait!!

And we'll finish up here with a baby update for the week!

Rufus-Doofus is the size of a sweet potato! YUM! His chest moves up and down to mimic breathing, but (of course) he's not taking in any air - just amniotic fluid. He's become super mobile and spends the days rolling, kicking, twisting, a
nd doing all sorts of acrobatics.


  1. YAY!!!!! Tell RD that Auntie Stanny says Hi!!!! xxooo

  2. John used to talk to the twins in a transformer voice, you know the transformer "soundwave" I think that's his name... anyways he would talk in that voice every so often and I had to tell him to stop b/c I said when they would be born and John would talk in his normal voice they would think "your not my daddy" "Where's soundwave, that's my daddy" :) It's great you have this blog, we can follow each other's when you move away!!!