Monday, February 28, 2011

The one with the big difference

Looking back on old pictures...

It's so amazing the difference a mere 4(ish) months can make.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The one with the rolling baby pt. II

Charlotte has, after much practice, mastered the art of rolling back to front. If you put her on her back, she immediately rolls over onto her belly.

However, Charlotte has not mastered the art of enjoying being on her tummy. So, she rolls herself over and then complains about it. Quite loudly. Tears and everything.

Oh kiddo... you slay me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The one with the four month update!

Sorry it's late - it's been a busy couple of days!

Charlotte turned 4 months old on Valentine's Day and I couldn't have asked for a sweeter Valentine :) She's been doing great, as usual!

We had her 4 month check-up on the 11th. She got two more needles - poor babe - and doesn't go back again until she's 6 months. She is 12lbs 13oz, 23.75" long, and healthy as a horse! She's (obviously) still on the smaller side but the doctor doesn't seem concerned in the slightest. She just takes after her mom and dad - we're not exactly big people.

A touch too small for her highchair, yet! She thinks it's pretty hilarious :)

She is getting funnier and funnier as the days go on. She talks all the time and changes the volume of her voice - sometimes she'll squeal and yell at us and sometimes she'll lower her voice and softly talk to us. It's adorable. She's rolled back to belly once after a good solid three days of constant practice - and now she won't do it anymore. She did it and decided once was good enough :) She loves standing and can sit up by herself for a few minutes without toppling over. She recently discovered that she has a head so she's always reaching up to touch her hair or touch her ear. It's super cute. She's also finally figured out how to get her fingers into her mouth and is chewing on them pretty much non-stop. I suspect some teeth soon!


She's become pretty predictable and we have her on a nice eat, play, sleep schedule. She sleeps through the night a few nights a week (like, from 8pm-7am sort of thing) otherwise she gets up once around 5am to eat, then goes back to sleep until about 8:30ish. She's still happy as a clam to sleep in her crib, wakes me in the morning with soft little coos, and always greets me with a huge gummy grin. Love. Her.

As far as milestones go, here's what she's been doing on my 4-7 month developmental checklist:

  • Sits with support of hands (5-6mos.)
  • Supports whole weight on legs (6-7mos.)
  • Grasps feet (6mos.) - she LOVES her toes when she gets her diaper changed
  • Tracks moving objects with ease (4-7mos.)
  • Grasps objects dangling in front of her (5-6mos.)
  • Uses voice to express joy and displeasure (4-6mos.)
  • Explores with hands and mouth (4-7mos.)
  • Enjoys social play (4-7mos.)
  • Interested in mirror images (5-7mos.) - she loves looking at herself in the mirror!
She's just a joy! Every day, I just can't wait to see what she'll do next.

February 16, 2011 - Four months and 2 days old.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The one with the Valentine bum

Remember the awesome jammies in this post?

Happy Valentine's Day!
(4 month post will come tomorrow - I gots me a date tonight!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The one where Charlotte is too cool for school

And by "school", I mean "being rocked to sleep".

Yes, that's right. My tiny little baby who isn't even four months old yet has decided that she doesn't want to be rocked to sleep anymore. She just wants to be put in her crib and she'll fall asleep on her own, thank you very much.

This makes Mommy very sad ... and very thankful at the same time.

I hear of a lot of parents having a ridiculously difficult time getting their babies to sleep at all, so I really should not be complaining that my baby is sleeping, sleeping for long stretches, sleeping for long stretches after falling asleep on her own...

(Can I track down all those people who, during my pregnancy, told me that I would never sleep again once the baby came? Remember those people? Ha! I have a magic sleeping baby, y'all!)

But it does bum me out that she's becoming so independent so quickly. I mean, not only will she not sleep on us at all, but there's no way we can rock her to sleep anymore. She'll doze in our arms, but she won't get into a good deep sleep until we put her down in her bed. It's almost like rocking with us is just too much stimulation and she needs to relax comfortably in her own bed to sleep. She wiggles and squirms and makes noises until we put her down in her crib and then she relaxes like "ahhhhh, it's bedtime!"

It also bums me out because I feel like I missed out on all that prime snuggly time when she was a newborn. Because of our horrible breastfeeding issues, I had a really hard time dealing with her when she was young and liked being held and snuggled all the time. Now, she's older and more curious - she doesn't want to sit on our laps or cuddle for very long. She just wants to go and explore. I'm a bit angry that I couldn't enjoy her as much as I deserved to when she was little. I want those two and a half weeks back. I want to lay on the couch with her all snuggled up on my chest, fast asleep ... but she won't have any of that now.

But, in the long run, I know this is a good thing. She obviously has a secure attachment and feels safe and happy falling asleep on her own. She knows that she'll be well-rested and that when she wakes up, our smiling faces will peer over the side of her crib and she'll come out and play with us. I like the fact that (thus far) she's not crying in her bed because she has to go to sleep. I like that (knock on wood) we won't have to do any sleep training with her. Sleep is something that we don't have to worry about and that's really a wonderful thing in the Land O' Parenting.

At least I can live vicariously through pictures...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The one with the dinosaur

On Tuesday, we went on our first family outing (aside from the mall and that sort of thing) to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax! We need to start instilling her love of museums and other dorkiness early on ;)

All dressed, buckled in, and ready to go!

They had a display going on of Sue, the world's largest most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex. When we were waiting in the lobby to go in, there was a pre-recorded dino roar that went off. Charlotte startled and her eyes got wide. It was pretty funny!

I really like the next photo: Boyd was walking around with her, showing her the displays and whatnot. She all of the sudden caught sight of the dinosaur and just stared:

We walked around and checked out the marine exhibits:

"Oooh, jaws!"

Future marine biologist?

Teaching her all about pinchers and crushers.

Then we checked out the birds and mammals exhibits:

Sable Island horse skeleton. Sweet.

Learning all about cormorants.

This one's for Grampie Joe - checking out the black bear!

After looking at all the animal displays, we walked around a little bit more and found the Acadian exhibit! Woot woot!

Represent, yo.

And with that, our first trip to the museum was over. Charlotte did really well and actually looked at things which was nice. Next stop: The Smithsonian! (again...)