Friday, May 28, 2010

The one everyone has been waiting for...

We somehow managed to get an appointment at UC Baby for TODAY. What!? I also somehow managed to get covered at work so I could leave early to make said appointment (thank you Sara!!) and at 3:15 we got to see our baby again.

And, the news we've all been waiting for....

*drumroll please*

She's a girl!

"Hello! Stop calling me Rufus! It's not very lady-like."

She was moving around like crazy, stretching, and putting her arms up over her head. It was quite awesome to watch. And yep, I thought she was a girl after the ultrasound last night. I didn't see any boy parts when the tech panned over the area. So I was right! Woo!

Unfortunately, the CD of images isn't working right now. I'm going back to UC Baby tomorrow morning to get a new one, so for now, enjoy this little preview! We'll post more tomorrow.


  1. That is amazing!!! Are you going to keep calling her Rufus? Or do you have a new fetus-name?


  2. LOOK AT HER!!!!!! I am SO excited!! Congrats x 45 kabrillion - she is adorable and I can't wait to see more!

  3. Congratulations!! A girl!! Open up the pink flood gates :)