Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The one where Ladybird could be an infomercial product...

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Shipping and handling not included.

Yes, Monday marked 34 weeks pregnant so we have six weeks left until her due date! Hooray! I enjoy that now when people ask when I'm due, it's easier to just say "six weeks" instead of "October". It sounds a lot sooner that way too and people don't make that face like gee, you're a whale if you're not due until October. Six weeks til she's due ... eight weeks until she's way overdue ... it's all coming nice and quickly!

I had an appointment at the hospital today and met with with one of the two midwives there. I really like how the hospital here does things. Apparently it's the only one in Canada that works as a collaborative practice - the midwives and the obstetricians work together as a team rather than separately. It makes me happy because I was really hoping to see a midwife when I moved home, but was told by the NS midwife society (or whatever) that they couldn't see me since I was coming home so late in my pregnancy. Anyhow, it was a great appointment. The midwife was super friendly and very thorough. Everything is still going really well with me and the baby. She's still head down (hooray!) but I do still feel her kicking my right side quite often, so I asked if she might be diagonal. The midwife could easily feel her moving around on that side and asked if Boyd was tall haha. So, she must be all stretched out! So much for the fetal position.

After my appointment with the midwife, I went to my appointment at the Open Arms clinic, which is a family clinic located in the hospital. It was really nice and informative. They gave us a brief tour of the birthing area and said we can come back as many times as we want, so we'll go back again so Boyd can see it all. Aside from not having any bathtubs (boourns!) it all looked and sounded very nice. I think it's going to be a really relaxed and positive atmosphere - plus, I can bring my own snacks and Boyd will have a cot to sleep on in my room. Bonus :)

Now I'm just trying desperately to survive the hottest day on record here in Nova Scotia without ripping anyone's head off. I'm absolutely melting and pretty miserable. It's been a crazy hot week and we won't see any relief until the weekend when Hurricane Earl heads our way. It worries me a bit, since the oceans are SO warm and he's a category 4 right now. Hopefully we won't have much damage! Tomorrow we're moving a few things into the new house and removing some wallpaper to get the dining room ready for painting this weekend. We closed yesterday and got our keys - it's all so exciting! I just can't wait to get in there and get my life routine back on track!

It's too hot to even be on my computer (the heat from the laptop on my wrists is actually driving me CRAZY) so we'll wrap this up with a baby update to see what my stretchy little lady is up to this week!

Ladybird is about 18 inches long (woah!) and just under 5lbs now! She's huge! She's getting rounder and fatter to help regulate her body temperature when she comes out. Her hearing is fully developed so she can hear me bitching and complaining about this heat. Her central nervous system is still maturing but her lungs are almost fully developed now. She's starting to shed her lanugo (remember her fur coat?) but her vernix caseosa (cheesy substance) is increasing. 99% of babies born at this point would survive outside the womb with no major problems. Yippee!

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  1. But wait - there's more!!! Will bring more joy and love to your life than you ever thought possible - guaranteed!!