Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The one where Ladybird is done cooking

37 weeks on Monday means that Ladybird is officially full term. This means she can come anytime now and not be considered a preemie.

It also means that I'm gigantic! I'm curious to see how much bigger I can possibly get in the next two and a half weeks. (And yes, I found and unpacked my camera cord - yippee!)

I have a lot going on right now and I'm just trying to take it easy as much as I can. It's really hard to do that, though. I have some personal/family stresses that I'm dealing with right now (nothing that I will post about) in addition to just trying to find some sort of semblance of routine in my life so I can not go insane when Ladybird makes her arrival. Right now, this is the bane of my existence:

See the walls? Still the same as when we moved in. See her stuff? Either still packed or strewn about the room. See this room? Driving Lisa insane.

Countless people have said things like "it's okay, she won't care that her room isn't ready" or "all a baby needs is food and a place to sleep" just to try and make me feel better. Don't say that to me because it makes me feel worse. I know she won't care. She's a newborn. I know she doesn't need a whole slew of stuff. I get that. I need her room done and organized for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am organized. I need organization in my life. I know when she arrives, I won't have time for getting organized. I know life will be turned upside-down when she gets here and the last thing I want is to be living in a house where everything is upside-down as well. I absolutely do not want to have all her stuff still in boxes or strewn about when she gets here. I don't want to be digging through boxes or piles, looking for something, while she's crying in my arms. Oh, here Ladybird, let me put you down on the floor amongst all this stuff while I desperately search for a new sleeper/diaper/pack of wipes/burp cloth/whatever I need at the moment. Yeah, no thanks.

Thankfully, it's on its way to being done. Boyd primed the walls last night and has one more coat of paint to do today. Mom came by on the weekend and we got all her newborn and 0-3 month clothes washed and dried. I washed and dried all her diapers so those are good to go. I'm hoping that by Monday the room will be ready - not decorated and pretty, but at least functional and organized. That's all I need. And I need it by Monday because that's when I head back to Antigonish and will not be coming back home here until Ladybird is with us.

I'm off to my mom's tonight for the first of my childbirth classes and a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. So, on that note, I need to get up and moving. We'll end with Ladybird's 37 week baby update to see what's new!

Yep, we made it to the watermelon. Most of her lanugo (fur coat) has disappeared now as well as the vernix caseosa. She'll swallow them (gross, Ladybird) and store them in her bowels for her first BM after birth. Awesome, thanks. Most babies have their heads cradled in the pelvic cavity by this point. I'm not sure if she's dropped or not, so I'm guessing she hasn't. She is basically ready to go at this point, but is still just growing and developing in there while she waits to come out - she's refining her sucking, inhaling, blinking, etc. and putting on weight.

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  1. Hey Lisa!

    Wow, that kid sure is bigger than the last time I saw you. Sounds like everything is going great (ok, except the setting up part, but that wasn't unexpected - *hug* ) SO looking forward to seeing this kid in person (well, in pictures first, but eventually in Winnipeg).
    Love Andrea