Monday, August 23, 2010

The one with 49 days left...

Yep, you read that right. 49 days left until my due date! I'm 33 weeks today. This pregnancy has just flown by - hopefully the rest of it will fly by as well!

This past week has been very busy and stressful with regards to the new house. There's been a major roadblock happening that we finally got over today (not our fault at all), so everything should be able to proceed as originally planned. Our closing date is still the 31st of the month (next week!) and we'll be moving in on the 7th of September because that's when Boyd will be home next. That's nice, though. It gives me some time to get the rooms painted and I have baby stuff and all our wedding gifts (two years later!) that my mom and stepfather will be bringing over the long weekend to unpack, sort, and put away. I'll have enough to keep me busy until all our stuff from Winnipeg shows up at the doorstep.

Aside from the house stuff, it was a nice week. On Friday, we (me, my mom, and Boyd's mom) went to Costco and Babies R Us. We got a ton of sleepers for the baby and we finally chose a stroller! I'm very very excited about it. We were finding it hard to decide on a good stroller. I wanted a travel system (just for convenience sake) and Boyd wanted something that he could go jogging with. Well, we found a jogger travel system at Babies R Us! We're going to pick it up sometime this week, I think. It's this one:

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger travel system. I played with it in the store quite a bit and, so far, I love it. It's a super smooth ride and the front wheel swivels to make maneuvering it even easier. I also love that it's just plain black and grey with no fancy annoying print. It's easy to fold up and the back wheels even pop off to make it more compact. Hoorah! Babies R Us is also having an event where you get 20% off if you bring in old baby gear to trade. Mom got a car seat at a yard sale so we're going to use that to trade in and get 20% off this system! Perfect. Boyd's mom very graciously offered to get it for us - thank you!!

As far as pregnancy goes, things are still going relatively smoothly. However, now that Ladybird is head down, I'm feeling much more uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled that she's moved into position - but her being sideways was much more comfortable for me. I'm experiencing way more pressure now, much more back pain, I hardly sleep at night anymore, and her movements will sometimes cause me to actually jump because they're so uncomfortable. I'm getting a lot more of what I assume to be knees, feet, and elbows poking at me from the inside. At least before, those kicks and jabs and punches were off to the side. Now they're right in the front or up in my ribs. Ouch. She still loves to stick her back and bum out and it makes me laugh more and more because she's getting so big that my belly gets really funny-looking when she does it.

Hmm, can you tell where she likes to hang out? Haha, what a goof :)

I have my next doctor's appointment on September 1st and I believe I'll also be going for a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital. I think. All I really know is that I have two appointments - one with the doctor (one of the other doctors in the practice) and, right afterwards, an appointment with the clinic there. So we'll see what happens that day. It'll be an adventure!

I think that's all my news, anyhow. Let's have a look at the baby update to see what the little one is up to this week!

Ladybird is the size of a honeydew melon now! I believe it. Her senses continue to develop and her eyes blink, her pupils dilate, and her eyes close during sleeping times. She listens to noises outside the womb and will react to certain sounds. Aside from crying, she's basically now doing everything a newborn would do. Most babies will move into position for birth now, so her head may very well descend into my pelvis now and press firmly against my cervix. Sounds comfy!

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