Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The one where the due date is showing up in the 14-day weather forecast...

38 weeks, yahoo!

It's been an interesting few days. For most of the end of last week, I just worked my little bum off trying to get the house ready for Ladybird's arrival. Remember the previous post and what her room looked like? Well, when we left the house on Monday, here's how it looked:

The view from the doorway. The stroller will obviously go into the trunk of the car and will be replaced by a rocking chair in that corner.

Dresser/change table.
The top drawer contains all her newborn and 0-3 month sleepers.
The middle drawer contains the rest of her sleepers up to 12 months.
The bottom drawer currently contains only extra diaper inserts and the cupboard has all her diapers - clean, dried, stuffed, and ready to go!

The closet. Oh, the closet. There was no picture of the closet in the last post and be thankful for that. This ... this was my project. It took me what felt like forever to organize. But there it is - the fruits of my labour and I'm so happy that it's mostly done. I still have some laundry that's in the dryer needing to be put away and two small loads to do later, but for the most part - it's DONE.

And, lastly, her crib.
I forgot to take a photo of her cradle - it's in our room, all put together and ready for her. I'll take a picture next time I'm home (when she's in it - eek!)

And, as always, click on any photo to make it larger.

Thank you to Mom for helping me with the laundry, Joe for putting the dresser together, Laura for helping to bring stuff in, Boydo for painting and putting the crib together, and me for organizing the hell out of all that baby stuff.

Shout it from the rooftops, people!

There are obviously things that we're still waiting on (baby monitor, mobile, wall hangings, etc.) but I just love knowing that all the important stuff is squared away and organized.

Now, after a good three days of straight working (seriously, working until the wee hours of the morning, getting maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep, and starting again) I'm back at my mom's house until Ladybird makes her arrival. This, of course, means I have nothing to do. It's such a drastic change, but I know I should really sit back and enjoy it. So, I'll try.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and another class tonight. My appointment last week went well. The doctor checked me and said that my cervix was still very high, but it felt like it was thinning quite nicely and I was about 1cm dilated. I chose not to have a check this time around because that one was borderline painful and I don't really think I've progressed enough to go through that again. The higher the doctor reached, the higher I climbed the table. It was not very nice. Boyd was able to make it to the appointment yesterday which was great! He hadn't been able to get to any appointments since the first one (besides the ultrasound, of course) so it was really nice for him to be there, meet the midwife, and hear Ladybird's heartbeat again :)

Aside from all that, nothing is new! Now we just play the waiting game. Ah, the waiting game sucks - let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos! Ladybird's baby updates seem to becoming more about me than her since she's pretty much ready to go, but let's see what's going on in there anyway!

Most babies around this gestational age weigh about 6.8-7lbs. I asked the doctor what her guess might be and she said since I'm measuring pretty much right on track (so, average) that she weighs about 6.5-7lbs. Sounds good! All Ladybird's organs are in place and ready to go except her lungs, which are still developing and maturing. It will even take a few hours after birth for her to establish a proper breathing pattern. One website tells me that her eyes have no tear ducts and that those develop a few weeks after birth! How very interesting!


  1. Ladybird's room looks amazing! :) Well done! That was clearly a tonne of hard work! I'm glad that you were able to get everything ready so you could feel more prepared to welcome her to the world (and your new house)!


  2. The room looks amazing. Great job Lisa! :) So exciting that she is almost here!