Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The one with the home stretch...

30 weeks! Can you believe it? I sure can't. 10 more weeks (give or take) to go until this little lady makes an appearance. Just to put that into perspective: we had our ultrasound ten weeks ago. Say what?!

I had to go into the hospital today to do my one-hour glucose tolerance test to see if I've got the gestational diabeetus. I'd heard pretty icky things about it, but it wasn't bad. The drink just tasted like orange pop, so I just got a free orange pop out of the deal. Awesome. Now let's hope I don't "fail" this test because if I do, I have to do a three-hour one, and if I fail THAT one then they determine that I have gestational diabetes. So come on body, break down those sugars!
While I was waiting the hour after drinking the drink for them to take my blood, I peeked down to the maternity area and saw the big doors with "birthing room" written above them. It made me pretty excited to actually see where Ladybird will be born. I'll be getting a tour of the place sometime soon, but I just had a quick peek today.

I have my next doctor's appointment on Friday. I somehow lost my file in the move (we think it's packed up in storage somewhere) so I need to call the office in Winnipeg and see if A) they even still have my file and B) they can fax me another copy. I meant to do that today but I came home from my blood test and fell asleep for three hours. Oops. Hopefully I can get another copy easily enough, but it really wouldn't surprise me if the office gives me some trouble.

Other than that, not a whole lot is new here since the big move. The next thing on our agenda is buying a house, so that's where our attention is focused right now. We've found some listings that we want to see, so Boyd and I will be heading out to look at houses when he comes back home on Monday. Our realtor emailed me tonight just to let me know that two of the homes (out of like, seven or eight I think) already have offers on them. I just laughed. Good to know. In Winnipeg, every house we bid on we were up against a good 15-30 other offers. I think this process is going to go rather smoothly. Let's hope, anyway! I still can't believe that we've moved halfway across the country, are buying a house, and having a baby all within a two month period. Yep, we're officially insane!

And how is miss Ladybird handling all this craziness? Great, as far as I know! She's still wiggling around lots but I can tell that her movements are starting to slow down a bit (since she doesn't have as much room in there anymore!). It feels more and more like body parts moving around rather than just spastic bubbles. It's neat. I'll hopefully get a new belly picture up by next week. It's getting bigger for sure! Let's check out this week's baby update to see how Ladybird is developing!

Ladybird is still about the size of a squash and will be all month, apparently. Her growth in length is starting to slow down but she'll keep gaining weight until she's born (and uh, obviously afterwards). She's already between 15 and 17 inches long and weighs about 3lbs. She can differentiate between light and dark, track a light source, and see what's going on in utero. She has eyebrows, eyelashes, and if she were born now, she has enough body fat to keep herself warm.

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