Monday, August 9, 2010

The one where Ladybird needs to do more acrobatics....

31 weeks!

This was actually taken at 30 weeks 5 days but the two days don't really make a difference, I don't think.

I had my doctor's appointment on Friday and it was pretty typical. I was weighed, my blood pressure was checked, I was measured, and all that fun stuff. The doctor felt around to see where Ladybird is positioned and it's not good news. She's freakin' transverse. She was transverse at the 20 week ultrasound as well ... only now she's transverse the OTHER way. Ten weeks ago, she had her head on my right and her feet on my left. Now she has her head on my left and her feet on my right. So she's moved, but she just moved into another sideways position! I'm starting to get a little nervous about it. Breech I can handle. Breech is possible to deliver. Transverse lie? I'm getting cut open to get her out. I really want to avoid a c-section if at all possible because the idea absolutely terrifies me to my very core. So, she better turn and turn soon. I've been reading online and some websites make me feel better by saying that babies can turn all the way up until labour and other websites make me feel worse by saying that transverse babies past 30 weeks are unusual and likely won't turn on their own. Oy. I'm not going to start panicking too much until I actually speak with my OB (hopefully within the next couple of weeks) but I'm not going to lie and pretend that it's not bothering me. Man, if she doesn't turn, I'm holding it against her for the rest of her life.

"Mom, I can't believe you won't let me go to the party! That's so unfair!"

"Oh yeah?" *lifts shirt to reveal c-section scar* "Well, I can't believe that you didn't turn around!!"

Aside from panicking about trying to get a sideways baby out of my body, I've been feeling good. I'm starting to get more tired again, but it's a different tired than the first trimester. I feel like I'm just using up my energy to keep myself from toppling over because my belly is getting so big. Standing for longer than ten minutes makes me feel like I'm going to fall over and even doing things like washing my hair or putting on my makeup makes me feel breathless. Lovely! But, really, I can't complain. It just takes me longer to get ready and I need a chair more often than I used to - things could definitely be worse! :)

As far as life news, Boyd and I are actively hunting for a house. We went to look at four properties today and, unfortunately, were pretty disappointed. There was one home that was absolutely gorgeous but it was in one of the worst areas of the province and I really don't want to be living alone, taking the baby for a walk, and having to pass through the projects. It's too bad. But we're trying to remain optimistic that our house is out there for us and that we'll get it before the baby is born. We have another six that we want to look at, so possibly tomorrow or Wednesday. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us! I really just want to get into a home of our own, get our routine back, and start getting the baby's room together! My mom found us a beautiful quilt on Etsy and the seller is going to make some matching bumper pads as well.

Cute, eh? The back of the quilt is the same fuchsia colour and there are little airplane outlines stitched on it. Then we'll just look for some plain crib sheets in green, yellow, purple, etc. that match the colours in the quilt. I'm pretty pleased! She just needs a room so we can set up her crib and get that beautiful bedding into it.

So that's the update on the outside of my uterus. Let's check out the baby update to see what's going on the inside!

Ladybird is about 16 inches long, a little over 3lbs, and looks much more like a newborn now. She's putting on more fat, her skin is pink rather than red, and her arms, legs, and body are in proportion with her head. Exciting! Her fingernails have grown to the end of her fingers and she may scratch herself while in the womb. She's running out of room in there to move a lot, but she does squirm more and I'll still get bigger kicks and jabs. Studies show that fetuses at this stage also have periods of dream sleep! Awesome!
(PS - Hey Ladybird, see that baby up there? HEAD DOWN!)


  1. I asked Jamie - he claims it is totally possible for her still to flip!

  2. Where are you guys looking for a place? In Halifax proper? Regardless, I'm sure that 'close to an airport' must be a big factor!

    Speaking of airports - the quilt is absolutely awesome!!! That was totally a great find by your mom!


  3. I will be sending LB some turny-aroundy vibes for you. I'm sure she'll come around (ha - get it...sorry...). Can't wait to see you Sunday!

    Aunty Stan