Monday, July 5, 2010

The one where Ladybird could conceivably partake in a staring contest

Hi. My name is Lisa. I'm six months pregnant and I can officially no longer scrub the bathtub because my belly gets in the way.

Hi Lisa!

We've made it into double digits until Ladybird's due date - 98 days to go! Yikes! And I definitely feel pregnant now ... you know, not that I didn't before, but now there are more things I just can't do like I used to (like walk and bend and get up from sitting and sleep and...) and I'm starting to get the "waddle". I suppose that makes sense. I mean, there are only two(ish) more weeks to go until I'm in the third trimester. THIRD.

I was hoping to post a photo today because I feel like my belly has gotten HUGE and I wanted to document it, but I'm too tired and hobo-looking to take any pictures. We went on a field trip to the zoo today and, while it was a total blast, it was a lot of walking around in the heat and I'm absolutely exhausted (once again, example of something I just can't do like I used to anymore). Ladybird was laying low the entire time so my whole pelvic region plus my shins and feet are killing me. I haven't been in this much pain in a really long time. I tried to have a bath to ease the pain but our bathtub is just too small and uncomfy to really help. When we get a house, we're so installing a bathtub with a slanty back and jets. Anyhow I'm in my pyjamas with my hair half-up in messy pigtails no picture. Maybe I'll take one tomorrow.

I'll wrap this up here because sitting in the computer chair isn't helping my pain. Time for a baby update to see what the little lady is up to this week!

Ladybird is about 14 inches long now and weighs about 1.6lbs! I can't believe how long she's getting so quickly. The coolest thing about this week is that her eyes begin to open now! She's continuing to put on layers of fat and her circulation system is now completely functional.

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