Monday, June 28, 2010

The one where Ladybird is showered with love and delicious barbecue (pt.I)

Some of my wonderful friends here in Winnipeg threw me my first ever baby shower yesterday afternoon. It was so nice to have everyone together and I am so grateful to have such an awesome group of girls here who care so much about me and my family. We played some games (an awesome word scramble that gave us a possible new name for the baby: Abby Timoron [baby monitor, haha]), ate lots of yummy food, guessed when Ladybird is coming and how big she'll be (the biggest guess was 7lbs 5oz - I love you guys!), and I got a lot of great advice and gifts for the little lady. A huge thank you to Amber and Laura for hostessing the shower and to everyone who came! It meant a lot to me. You guys are just the best!

The yummy spread!


(Click on any of the photos to make them larger)

Thank you!!

My lovely coworkers are planning a baby shower/goodbye party for me on the 10th of July and my mom and mother-in-law will be throwing us showers once we move back home to Nova Scotia. We are so lucky to have so many people who care about us! It's so sweet. Apparently, though, I better start making a registry. Eek!

Auntie Rochelle requested a photo of our crib set. We don't have a crib set (bedding) picked out yet, but here are photos of the crib and dresser that my mom was so wonderful to have purchased for us earlier in the pregnancy:

The crib is the Graco "Blakely" 3-in-1 convertible crib and the dresser is the Graco "Kimberly" combo unit. I think. Right, Mom? It's honestly been so long since I'd been looking at cribs and stuff. These were bought for us when I was probably about six weeks pregnant :) We'll be getting a change pad to put on top of the dresser to use it as a changing station rather than getting an entirely separate change table.

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything is still going really well. I'm 25 weeks today and I'm in the last week of my fifth month. Starting next week, I'll be six months pregnant. Yikes! I'm starting to get a touch more uncomfortable but that's to be expected. It's really nothing major but I'm definitely feeling everything start to weigh on my internal organs. I can no longer bend forward comfortably and if every seat I ever had to sit in would recline, I'd be a happy camper. I painted my own toenails yesterday because I didn't want to bother going all the way to the south end of the city to my usual pedicure place. Ha! I won't be doing that again! I was able to do it, but holy uncomfortable! I had to keep taking breaks and sit up because everything was squishing up into my stomach and lungs. It was actually kind of funny. So, Nova Scotian friends and family, I'll need some pedicure partners for the rest of the summer when I get home! I've also noticed that pregnancy has increased my TMJ issues. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I have to knock my jaw back into place at least a dozen times a day. Seriously, any given time during the day you'll see me pushing against the right side of my face to unlock my jaw and get it back where it's supposed to be. I'm assuming it's because of the hormones that are relaxing my ligaments and whatnot, but man ... it's really annoying!

And how is Miss Ladybird doing? Let's find out with a baby update!

Ladybird is the size of an eggplant for the next few weeks! Woah! That is big! Now, I know this says "month 6" but I won't be six months until the 4th of July, so whatever. We'll go with it. She's soaking up my antibodies so her immune system is getting ready for the outside world. I don't know how helpful I am right now, kiddo, since I've had this cold for three weeks. Tiny capillaries are forming and are giving her a pinkish hue. Studies show that fetuses at this stage can respond to touch and if I were to shine a light on my belly, she'd turn her head which means that her optic nerve is working. And, speaking of eyes, her eyelashes are forming!


  1. Lovely friends. You too are also blessed with people who love and care for you. I bought a change pad and a cover when I was in the states. So you do not have to buy one. Yes that is the right crib and dresser. You look so good. I love the top your wearing. Ladybird will be so loved and not have to worry about clothes and things.
    Can't wait for you to move to Nova Scotia, but I know it will be hard to leave your friends, and you will be in limbo for awile till you find a place. Hugs & Kisses to Ladybird, tell her how much her Grammie loves her.


  2. I started grinding my teeth at night with mikey, but with me it never went away! Hope your jaw feels better. :) It's nice to see that you have such a great support system already for your family, you have a lot of love in your life!