Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The one where Ladybird busts a move

Sorry for the late update! All those pregnancy discomforts seem to have found me, so I've been dealing with unexpected pain for the last few days (since about Saturdayish). It's definitely nothing to worry about, but it's making life pretty hard. Everything hurts these days - my back, my front, my legs, my feet ... it's crazy. I'm having a difficult time sleeping and staying in any one position for too long starts to bother me. If I sit too long, it hurts. If I stand too long, it hurts. If I walk too much, it hurts. I know it's normal and due to the quick growth that I'm experiencing but it's still hard to deal with. So I just haven't really felt like sitting in this computer chair long enough to update ... but now I'm just going to have to sit here even longer since I have lots to say, haha. Oh well!

Let's see ... what first? On Saturday (the 10th) the girls from work threw me a baby shower. We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory - yum!! - and then some of us went to the ball game afterwards. It was lots of fun and we got some very beautiful and thoughtful gifts! I have no photos because I didn't bring my camera, but just imagine me stuffing spaghetti into my face and then clapping along to all the fun, goofy ballgame songs and you'll get the picture! :)

Some point during the last week, I ran out of my omega-3 prenatal capsules that I've been taking to ensure that my baby is a GENIUS (haha) and Boyd and I went to Shopper's to pick up some more. When we got home, I popped the last capsule from the old bottle into the new bottle when I noticed the expiry: July 2009! What?! So I checked the expiry of the now-empty bottle and it was the same thing - July 2009. I was not happy. Now, yes, I should have checked but I just don't check expiry dates on things unless they've been in my medicine cabinet for a while. I didn't think to check the expiry on brand new bottles of vitamins. Boyd brought both bottles back to Shopper's and they were very apologetic. All the bottles on the shelf were expired and they finally found a bottle in the back that expires in 2011. Luckily, taking the expired capsules will cause no harm to me or the baby. I was basically just taking capsules with little to no potency. Kind of annoying, but at least there's no harm done. And, thankfully, they've taken all the bottles off the shelves. So, just a little head's up - always check the expiry date even if it's a brand new bottle! Luckily for me, omega-3 isn't essential ... but what if it had been something essential? Kinda scary...

Monday, we officially switched over to 27 weeks pregnant and possibly into the third trimester? I'm not entirely sure when that starts because everything I search says something different, but I know I'm either there now or getting close! Very exciting and slightly terrifying! I ended up leaving work basically as soon as I arrived on Monday because of how much pain I was in and called in in the afternoon to secure Tuesday off as well. I absolutely hate doing that but I knew that I'd be pretty much useless since my job is basically all lifting, bending, or sitting. I literally spent all Monday and Tuesday either reclined on the couch on my back or laying in bed. All I wanted was to be comfortable. Yeah, that's not going to happen for a LONG time! I was happy to be back today, though. Things are still sore but I was WAY TOO BORED to be gone any longer.

This morning, I had my last OB appointment here in Winnipeg. My doctor is away on holidays so I had to see a different doctor. WOW! What a difference seeing a good doctor makes! She sat down, asked me how I was doing, actually talked to me about some issues, told me how my weight gain was going, measured my stomach to see how the growth is going (my OB has never once done this, although she wrote on my charts that she did), took my blood pressure and told me what it was, felt my stomach to tell me what position the baby is in (!!), and even told me what Ladybird's heart rate was. Wow. It was unreal! If only I had had appointments like this the entire time. Wow.
So, in case you're all wondering - my weight gain is on track (although I apparently gained a ton of weight since my last appointment, but the doctor said that it probably isn't nearly that much since I was weighed on a different scale this time), my uterus is measuring 27 weeks exactly, my blood pressure is 110/60, Ladybird is breech with her back toward my right side, and her heart was pounding away at 148. Excellent. I also got my file photocopied since I need to bring it home for my doctor in Nova Scotia, so I read over it at lunch today. I feel much more informed about what's going on in my own body now. It's a good feeling.

After my appointment, I headed back to work (yay!) and ended up getting some beautiful gifts from two of the families that I've had the pleasure of working with. I'm so grateful to have had the chance to work with such wonderful people. I can't even believe their thoughtfulness. So a huge thank you to the Bowerings and the Jacksons for thinking of me and my family! You guys are fantastic!

So I think we're all caught up now with what's going on pregnancy-wise. Life-wise, the big move is getting closer and closer. Two weeks from tomorrow is my last day of work (the 29th) and then I fly out the next day. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends, but leaving my life here in Winnipeg is going to be so so hard. I'm not going to lie - I'm getting really sad about it. I don't do well with major life changes and the next few months are nothing BUT major life changes. This is all really difficult for me. I'm really going to miss my friends and my life here.

But anyhow...
If you actually made it through ALL that text, I'll leave you with a baby update to see how Ladybird is changing this week, a video, AND a couple of cute photos.

Ladybird is still approximately the size of an eggplant (but probably not as rubbery). She's about 14.5 inches long and is up to 2lbs already! Wow! Her eyes open and close, she sleeps at regular intervals, and might even be sucking a finger or thumb! She's moving around a lot lately and you can even see it happening now. Even Maggie likes to get in on the "let's feel the baby move" action:

(Yes, my kittenface smiles.)

Check out this little video we shot - when Boyd is home, we like putting his iPhone to flashlight mode and then putting music on to watch her dance and try to figure out where the light is coming from :)

(It's a little long and she gets annoyed with us and stops moving toward the end, so you don't need to watch the WHOLE thing if you don't want to!)

Watching the phone wiggle always makes me laugh!

And, lastly, quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever bought for her (thus far):

Oh, cute. Pyjamas. With hearts. Wow.
Except you haven't seen the back!

Oh yes, that's an "I Heart Dad" butt flap!
Oh yeah.

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  1. Very cute outfit. Love the picture of Maggie touching your belly. Glad everything is going great.Lots of news to share. Video is neat watching the phone move when she moves. Can't wait to see you. Leaving a place that you had roots and had friends is hard, I too went through that. I love you Lisa

    Mom *heart*