Monday, April 12, 2010

The one where they hear the heartbeat...

We finally had our first prenatal appointment today! It feels like it took forever to get here (especially since I made the appointment back in February) but the day finally arrived.

The biggest and most fun part of the appointment was, of course, hearing the heartbeat! It sounded like a washing machine in my belly. Maybe I'm just having some laundry? We were both pretty mesmerized hearing that awesome sound. The doctor only left the doppler on for a few seconds - we wish we could have listened to it all day! Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh! And of course, hearing the heartbeat meant that we could finally spill the beans to the whole world...


The doctor estimated the due date is October 11 (Thanksgiving baby, yum!) and put me at 14 weeks. Our next appointment is May 17th and I'm not sure if that's the ultrasound appointment or not. Everyone was talking really fast and I felt like I wasn't quite able to absorb what I needed to. I'll call to confirm once the appointment gets closer...

And now, as far as baby updates go ... since the doctor put me at 14 weeks, we get a new food product to compare to and some new information. Woohoo!
Baby Rufus-Doofus is the size of a lemon!

The liver and spleen continue to develop. Baby is wiggling around, making faces, putting his thumb in his mouth, practicing swallowing, and peeing inside me (awesome). He's also growing his fur coat (the "lanugo" - very fine hair that covers the whole body) and his eyebrows and hair are starting to grow.

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  1. Funny - now you not only get to think about a little person being inside you, but a little person PEEING inside you.

    YAY RD Chapman!!!!