Monday, April 19, 2010

The one where Lisa hits 15 weeks...

Yep, today marks 15 weeks pregnant. I've been feeling really good lately. I've been sleeping better (not getting up to pee constantly), I feel more energetic, I can't remember the last time I threw up (well, I remember it, but I don't remember what day it was), and I just have a general feeling of pleasantness*.

*Well, not today. Today was an all-around crummy day and I was certainly displaying the horrendous moodiness of pregnancy. I blame the universe, though. Absolutely nothing went right today in all aspects of life.

I feel like I'm starting to show. Not much, but it's noticeable to me. I've always had a bit of a tummy, but when I suck it in now, the tummy is still there (and when I don't suck it in, the tummy is DEFINITELY there). My pants are getting tighter (I usually wear my pants mid-rise, but now I've been wearing them lower below my belly) and things just aren't quite fitting me right. It's also getting really hot here - it was 23 degrees today - and I'm getting very uncomfortable having to wear sweaters all the time. I have a few shirts from last summer that fit me, but other than that ... I'm running low on clothes. It's pretty frustrating. Maternity stuff is A) still too big for me and B) crazy expensive, and regular stores seem to only have flowy tank-tops in stock and it's still not quite hot enough for tank-tops. I wish I could just go to work in my pyjamas or sundresses every day. I'd be a much happier camper (especially since the extra heat I'm feeling lately gives me super wicked headaches).

Anyhow, here are a couple of "belly pics" since I know people want to see that sort of thing.
Sorry for the terrible quality/darkness. Boyd took way better pictures this afternoon but I was making stupid faces in all of them. That's totally my fault. I always make stupid faces...

First one: suckin' it in.
Second one:
totally NOT suckin' it in.

I received
a letter from the hospital stating that my ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday, April 29. That's next week, people! At first, I was a little concerned/curious as to why my ultrasound is so early. From what I've heard/read, ultrasounds usually aren't scheduled until about 18-20 weeks. I'll only be 16 weeks. But then I thought about it and, really, does it matter? If there's something concerning that shows up, I'm sure they'll schedule another ultrasound. And it's only in recent years that women even receive this ultrasound. Years ago, women went without having ultrasounds unless something was really wrong and they all turned out (mostly) okay. So, I'm fine with having it "early". Besides, Boyd somehow miraculously was able to get the 29th off (seriously, divine intervention or something) so I don't really want to call them and ask why it's so early lest they reschedule and then he can't make it. Sure, the baby will look all creepy and alien-like, but hey - that's cool. We'll both be there to see it and that's important to us.

Sadly, the hospital that I'll be going to is one in the city that will not tell you the sex of the baby. I'm hoping (s)he won't be modest and I'll be able to tell myself. I've looked at enough ultrasound photos online that I think I'm pretty well-prepared to differentiate between 16-week-fetus boy parts and girl parts. However, we do plan on getting a 3D ultrasound very soon to find out the sex for sure (or as sure as we can). Once we get Boyd's schedule for next month, I'll call and see if we can arrange an appointment on one of his days off.

And, with that, we'll leave you with a baby update!

Rufus-Doofus is the size of an orange! Neat. He's busy in there, mastering his hiccuping and squirming/wiggling around. In a few weeks, I should be able to feel him (although I do find it weird that I can't feel something the size of a navel orange moving around in my belly). His legs are now longer than his arms (yay for being proportionate!) and all his joints are functional. Cool beans.

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  1. WOOT WOOT, welcome to blog world, this blog will be a wonderful keepsake for your baby - I love our blog and can't wait for the boys to look at it when they are older and see what they were up to at specific ages. Have fun at your ultrasound!!!