Thursday, April 8, 2010

The one where the blog is created...


I have been contemplating creating a pregnancy/baby/family related blog since we found out that there's a little person growing inside me. Auntie Stan (shoutout!!) encouraged me to do so, so here it is! The first post! How very exciting!

So here I am. Pregnant. It's fabulous. This baby was very planned and we are just thrilled. Let's bring the world up to date on what's happening so far, shall we?

1. As of today, I am approximately 13 weeks (and a few days) along. We got our positive pregnancy test on January 30. I tested 6 days early and I was absolutely floored that I got a positive so quickly. I laughed and cried and stomped my feet with glee. I jumped and danced around the apartment. I took multiple pictures of a stick with my pee on it. Maggie looked at me like I was crazy.

The line is there, I promise! See it? See it?!

2. Because I'm in the awkward week 13, I'm not entirely sure if the first trimester is over or not. Some websites say yes, some say no. I like to say that yes, I am. And what a ride it has been! Aside from having gigantic sore boobs, I feel like I've had all the first trimester pregnancy symptoms. The constant all-day nause
a has, thankfully, subsided as has the ridiculous exhaustion. I'm still tired and I'm still sick, but nothing nearly as bad as weeks 6-10. And as a once vomit-phobic person, I can (happily?) say that I pretty much take the barfing in stride now.

Speaking of - pregnancy does some weird things to you. I certainly hope this is the only time in my life that I will barf my guts up, clear my throat, wipe my mouth, and think "man, I really want a bowl of Raisin Bran!" Let me tell you - that bowl of Raisin Bran was delicious.

3. The first doctor's appointment is on Monday the 12th and I feel like it's taking an eternity to get here! I had blood work done at the walk-in clinic when I was around 5 and a half/6 weeks just to confirm that I'm indeed pregnant. Our immediate family and a few close friends were told beforehand, but we decided to wait until after the first doctor's appointment to let the world know. I'm paranoid and really should not be reading things online, but the words "missed miscarriage" ma
y haunt me forever until I hear and/or see that heartbeat. We both absolutely cannot wait to tell everyone. We're just busting! Hurry up, Monday!!

As far as baby updates go...
Baby Rufus-Doofus Chapman is about the size of a peach.

The vital organs are all fully formed and functional. Vocal cords are developing. He can swallow. Fingerprints are in place! Fingerprints! Reflexes have been acquired and if I poke my belly and the baby feels it, he'll start rooting (acting as if he's searching for a nipple). I try not to bug him too much though. He'll get lots of that once he's born. Enjoy the peace in there, Rufus-Doofus!

*Note: while, obviously, we don't know the sex of the baby we instinctively call him a "him". We're not sure why. We do want to find out the sex when we can and we will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl.
If you end up being a girl, we're sorry in advance for the first few months of referring to you as a boy. We love you!


  1. AWWW FETUS FACE!!! Auntie Stanny loves you and can't wait to meet you!

    Q: Is it wrong that I saw the "your baby is the size of this peach"-peach-picture and thought "Mmmmm...a peach"??

  2. No. Is it wrong that when he was the size of a pea, I fed a pea to Jamie and thought "weird, I'm feeding my baby to a lobster"?

    Actually, yeah ... there's gotta be something wrong with that.