Friday, December 31, 2010

The one with the cold

Poor sick baby has her first cold.

She didn't want to sleep in my arms. She didn't want to sleep in the Moby wrap. She didn't want to sleep in her swing. So I jiggled her, shushed her, and put her in the laundry basket. Success?

What's the best way to help her through this cold? She has a runny and stuffy nose, a bit of a cough, but no fever. She's a bit crankier than usual (naturally), isn't eating as much, and is having a hard time sleeping. I elevated the mattress in her cradle, but other than that - I've got nothin'. She's still so little - is there anything I can do besides just ride it out?


  1. id suggest going in the bathroom closing the door and laying a towel down at the door turning on the shower only hot water and letting it run filling up the bathroom with steam and sitting in there with her for 5 or 10 minutes a couple times a day. The steam will help. She'll be okay. Don't worry mama just keep a doing what your doing.

  2. Told some of the girls that Charlotte was sick with a cold and they suggested baby saline drops for her nose. I usually gave you and Bryan baby tylenol because I would get a headache with a cold and I also used a humidifer if you were really conjested. It will run its course. Poor Charlotte. Love you both.

  3. Use vicks specially made for babies or Breathe Easy Cream by aleva naturals. Both are fantastic and safe for wee ones. The humidifer (as mentioned above) is also great. There is also a bubble bath by J&J that clears the nose good (same concept as vicks) and then the lavender sleep one.... salene drops (again mentioned above) tried and tested and we love it. Feel better soon wee Charlotte ! Lots of hugs and kisses.... Stacey and Gang xo