Monday, June 7, 2010

The one where Lisa feels like a house

We're now at the 22 week mark which means I'm 5 months pregnant. Woo. It also apparently means that I've gotten gigantic. Now, I know that's not true and I'm still all belly but I just feel really really big. I've always been very skinny and my weight never fluctuated more than five or so pounds here and there (except for the weight I put on during university, but even then that was a gradual four-year "filling out", if you will). So the fact that I've probably put on a good 15lbs in the last three(ish) months is insane to me! I'll find out exactly what I weigh at my next doctor's appointment a week from today, but I'm assuming it's around 15lbs total. Everything I read says that that's pretty much on track, but still ... yeesh! My body really isn't used to this. Everything feels cramped and stretchy and my back issues are coming back. And I'm only going to get bigger!!

Here are a couple of pictures from today. Yes, I'm in my pyjamas. It was Pyjama Day at work. It would be silly and kind of backwards to change out of pyjamas and into regular clothes after coming home from work, now wouldn't it?

Zoinks! Belly, where did you come from?
(I need to stop putting my hands behind my back for these pictures because it makes me look thicker than I am. I still have a waist, so really, I shouldn't be complaining...)

Hellooooo Ladybird!

Besides my all-of-the-sudden feeling gigantic, I've also been torturing myself by reading horrors online. I'm not really afraid of giving birth. The idea of contractions doesn't bother me. I feel like I'll be able to manage the pain. However, I decided to read up on tears and then I found a website that showed diagrams of the various degrees of tears. And now, I've decided that this baby is NOT coming out of me. So, if there are any moms out there who would like to share their tearing (or non-tearing) experiences from their first delivery, please do! I'd rather not have a twenty-year-old living in my uterus, but good lord do I ever not want to go through a fourth-degree tear. *cries* Someone just tell me it'll be okay and that life goes on...

In other news, I've slowly been collecting a few more things for Ladybird. We got a huge donation of clothes at work and, once we found out we're having a girl, me and the girls from work went through the clothes and chose to "save" a few things that were just WAY too cute to be ruined by writing "daycare" on them in black Sharpie. Most of them are bigger sizes, but Ladybird will need some clothes when she's a toddler, so it all works out. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Love it!

Detail on the sweater. It's super cute.

Little white sweatsuit ... it's adorable as well!

Little pink bird detail on the pants. Apparently, I like clothes with birds on 'em.

I've been putting some thought into the nursery and how I'd like it to look. Granted, I have a ton of time and we don't even know where we'll be living when Ladybird is born, so it's hard to have a vision but I still like to think about these things. This brought me great frustration when I realized that there is very little airplane-related out there for girls. Seriously. Try searching for a non-boy airplane crib set. They don't exist!! Annoying! I'm going to check out the big fabric warehouse here in the city over the weekend to see if they have any girl(ish) airplane fabric so maybe someone can at least make her a blanket or something. I did, however, order this for her (in pink and brown argyle) and I'm SUPER excited for it to arrive!

Anyhow ... that's about all that's been going on over here! Let's see what the baby update has to say about Ladybird this week!

As noted last week, we don't get a new food item to compare to! She's still a papaya this week. So, I just took this diagram off to show what's going on in there. Ladybird is about 11 inches long from crown to heel (about the size of a Barbie doll!) and weighs in at just about a pound. Her facial features are distinct and her eyes are fully formed, but they have no colour yet. Her little tooth buds are forming beneath the gum line and, apparently, nipples have started to sprout! Hmm, teeth and nipples should not be in the same sentence, ever. She's definitely aware of sounds outside the womb. She's showing either a strong like or dislike (can't figure out which) to certain music and certain baby cries at work.


  1. I love, love the green outfit, It is adorable. Lisa don't worry about tears, I was fine after I had Bryan. I bought a sit's bath for you when you come home from the hospital, it feels so good. You look awesome. You may have to adjust your walk with the belly, I know I did. You are so glowing and again look great.


  2. a) Wow - you DO have a belly. Adorable!!
    b) CUTE OUTFIT. I want to buy her clothes!!
    c) which music does she like/dislike??

  3. If you feel like a house now...
    I did "friend research" on tears. My friend Jenna told me that when the doctor was putting in her stitches he said, "I'll make it look better than before." Whatever that means... But she is pregnant with her 2nd baby, so it couldn't have been that bad! Jenna also told me that you get stool softeners in the hospital, so as uncomfortable as you might be, that's one thing you don't have to worry about.

  4. C-Stan,
    So far she moves around to the Ramones, "Sing Your Heart Out" by the Trews, and seems to enjoy the bass line to "Journey to the End of East Bay" by Rancid.

  5. So I've been looking for baby-girl airplane items. They are hard to come by, so I had a thought:
    Why not have a muralist come into the nursery and paint the wall(s) with airplanes and such, and then the artist can make it as feminine as you and Boyd want...?

  6. Well, we don't plan on going all out with the nursery. We want something she can grow up in, so we're likely going to forgo the murals/wall decals/etc. that you typically see in nurseries and just go with more neutral, calming colours and whatnot. I was mostly looking for a feminine airplane crib set, but those certainly don't exist. So, onto something else! :)

  7. Lisa, a decal like this might be cute and can come right off a wall when she grows up.

    Just another idea. Love you. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!