Thursday, January 1, 2015

The one with the baby v 2.0

Yes, BoJu has arrived!  It has just been a busy week and I did try to update the blog a couple of times last week but it just didn't pan out.

So, apparently BoJu must have read the last blog post and thought "ha! I'll show her!".  I felt nothing out of the ordinary until about 10:30 at night on the 23rd.  Boyd and I were watching A Christmas Carol on TV and I was feeling some strange pains right in the front of my uterus.  They didn't feel like contractions, really, but it hurt and I just wasn't really sure.  I tried timing them but there was no real pattern so I told Boyd I was going to go upstairs and have a bath.  I walked up the stairs and the pain intensified so I told him that he should probably give his mom a call to come watch Charlotte so we could go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital around midnight.  The nurse checked me and told me I was dilated 8cm.  I said "I'm WHAT?"  Needless to say, I was admitted.  I laboured for about an hour or so longer, my water broke, I pushed for 40 minutes and Myles William Raymond Chapman was born at 2:18am on December 24 weighing in at 8lb 7oz and measuring 20.5 inches long.

It was a quick whirlwind but a much better experience than last time.  My recovery has been night and day from my last experience.  I am up and moving and there's no pain happening.  Nursing is going well - he gives me a hard time when I try to latch him on the left side but my milk is in, he's not ripping me to shreds, so that's a plus!

So far, we are still adjusting to the new family.  I don't really remember the first week of Charlotte's life so I can't really compare, but every day seems to be improving.  He is slowly figuring out life outside the womb.  He's eating well, his diaper output is great, and he is getting good stretches of sleep in.  He generally eats about every 2-4 hours, depending - sometimes he will inch closer to 5 hours between feeds but not often.  He is starting to spend a bit more time awake and taking things in, allowing us to put him down without fussing too much.

He had his first doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  He lost about 5% of his birth weight and was back up to 8lbs.  He is pink and healthy and everything looks great!  He goes back again this Tuesday for a two week check up and hopefully he will be back up to his birth weight by then.

Charlotte is absolutely in love.  I think she is adapting better than I am!  I wish I could bottle up her coping skills somehow.  She likes coming in to help when I change his diaper and likes sitting and watching him while he eats.  She talks to him, sings, rubs his belly, and is very protective of him.  It's absolutely sweet to watch and I'm really happy she is doing so well.  I've talked to her about how it is okay if she feels sad or is not happy about how things have changed now that there is a baby in the house and she told me "no, I'll always love him".  She's an amazing big sister.

That's all for now!  I will try to keep updating more now that Myles has arrived  :)

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