Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The one with the due date...

It appears that BoJu is following in his big sister's footsteps and choosing not to come before or on his due date (although there are still 7.5 hours left in this day...).  Due dates given to me were December 21 (Sunday, that was from the ultrasound) and today (from my cycle).  No real signs of him showing up anytime soon!  I have been having contractions basically all week but they amount to nothing.  Otherwise, nada.

Now, if he's going to be late, he's going to need to be quite late.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then it's Christmas Day!  Wait for a little bit, BoJu!

Of course, like last time, the fun emails that I get detailing the baby's growth are now congratulating me on my newborn baby so I have no real updates there.  Here at home, we are pretty much ready for him.  I have my bag packed and waiting by the door.  His room is mostly done - it is functional, like Charlotte's was, but there are still a few decorative aspects I need to finish up.  His clothes are all washed and put away and all his diapers are clean, dry, stuffed, and ready!

Ah they all fit so perfectly!!

The next update will be a birth story, I'm sure!  :)

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