Thursday, November 18, 2010

The one where Charlotte is five weeks old

Five weeks!

Paying homage to MC Hammer with her awesome parachute pants.

Over the last week, she's really started showing her personality more (I think). She's awake way more now during the day, making noises and interacting with us. We got some real smiles yesterday and they just keep coming!

"Mom, you're so funny!"

"You're still so funny, hours later!"

She's still doing relatively well with her bedtime routine. Last night she had some tummy problems that seemed to throw the routine out the window but, other than that, it's been good. Tuesday night she slept straight from 10pm until just after 4am. It was awesome.

She continues to get bigger and rounder. Her big ol' head doesn't really fit in the nice cozy head rest that we had in her car seat and we don't have to wrap her diapers halfway around her back anymore. She's starting to eat more, especially in the evening and at night. We usually have to have 6oz bottles ready for her at night because she just wants more more more! Her eyelashes are getting longer and her hair is slowly disappearing from the front ... I'm afraid she's going to end up with a skullet very soon. How very sad. We need to invest in some sort of cute hair accessories stat to compensate for her weirdo hairline.

We have our six week checkup on Wednesday, so we'll have a weight and health update next week!

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  1. I love her. Keep the photos and updates coming! I can't wait to meet her!!