Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The one where the due date comes ... and the due date goes

40 weeks and 2 days today.
No, no Ladybird yet.

I have been scheduled for an induction on Wednesday, the 21st. I'm not happy about it. I'll go in at 6:30pm, they'll put in the Cervidil to get my cervix going, I'll stay the night, and then I'll get the drip the next day. Great. An IV, constant monitoring, and most likely an epidural since induction contractions are supposed to be absolutely hellish. Sounds just like the birth experience I wanted. (End sarcasm here).

Did I mention I'm not happy about it?

Please send out vibes that she comes on her own before then. I do not want to be induced. It's very frustrating, disappointing, and heartbreaking to think that your body is doing what it's supposed to be doing only to find out that there is NO progress at all. Way to make me feel like a failure, body. We're not friends right now.

No baby update this week either. All the websites are congratulating me on my newborn. Ergh.

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  1. Ok here are some positive wishes, I sending this wish that Ladybird will come on October 17th, no reason why I chose that date, just b/c. Hudson and Oliver are anxious to meet their girlfriend!!!! Thinking of you!! Come on 17!!!