Sunday, February 8, 2015

The one where Myles is six weeks old

WOW.  Six weeks.  Again, it's that magic number ... once you get over the six week hump, things tend to settle down.  I can't believe how quickly it has gone by this time around.  I guess because we are already in a routine and have an older child, time just tends to speed by.

Our sweet little Myles turned six weeks old on Wednesday (and yes, it is now Sunday ... remember what I said above about time speeding by?  Yeah.)  I really can't believe how big he is getting!  We have not had a doctor's appointment or anything for a while, and we don't own a scale in our house, so I really do not know how big he is right now.  There is a Public Health clinic in town next week (every second Thursday) so I think I will bring him in just to get weighed.  He is for sure over 10lbs, maybe even close to 11lbs now.  When I look at him, I feel like he's HUGE.  He is fitting into 3 month clothing and even a few 6 month pieces.  His hair is still light and has fallen out on the top so he has an awesome "old man" ring going on.  I also remember Charlotte having a similar hairline at this stage  ;)  His eyebrows are so blonde you can't even see them and his eyes are still a dark blue.  I'm wondering if they will stay that colour!  Will he be our little blonde haired blue eyed baby?  Who knows!

We are still trying to figure him out with regards to sleeping and eating.  This last week has been a gong show and I'm chalking it up to the six week growth spurt.  He has been going to bed around 7:30 at night - he gets his bath before Charlotte - and would sleep until around midnight(ish), then again until around 3(ish), and sometimes would wake up again an hour later ... it's been kind of nutty.  Last night, though, we were out a bit later so he went to bed around 8pm and slept until 4am!!  I could get used to that.  He had a hard time falling back to sleep, though, and then woke up again at 6, and then again at 7:15 for the day.  Now it's 9:15 and he's asleep in his swing.  Normally, he loathes our swing with a burning passion of a thousand suns, but this morning I decided to rock him in the rocking chair upstairs until he was asleep and then I transferred him to the swing.  Success!  For now...

His eating has been all over the map.  Sometimes he will only take 2oz, sometimes he'll want 5-6oz, sometimes he'll gulp it down, other times it's a fight to get anything into him.  It's a bit stressful and I'm actually thinking he might have silent reflux.  He always makes noises that sounds like he is clearing his throat or like he is congested, he doesn't spit up often but when he does, it doesn't actually come OUT but just into his mouth, and I think that may have something to do with how fussy he can be.  I don't think it has anything to do with his formula because he was like this when he was breastfed too.  When he has his next doctor's appointment, I am going to bring it up.  I may even bring it up with my doctor when I go to see her next week for my six week postpartum check (it had to be rescheduled because of all the storms we've had here lately - my car was frozen in my driveway!)

He is still super smiley and is becoming more and more focused on the world.  He enjoys the play mat quite a bit now and will kick and move his arms around when Mr. Sun is singing.  He is starting to grab at items - he's grabbed hold of some of the toys dangling from the play mat and he gets a surprisingly good grip on my necklaces or the ties on my hoodies.  He likes he hold my fingers when he's eating  :)  He smiles a lot at Charlotte and he likes when we make silly voices or when we clap his hands together.  He really likes bath time and kicks and splashes around.  I got him a little bath seat like Charlotte had when she was a baby but I actually find it easier just to put him in the big tub with a small amount of water and wash him that way.

So funny - he always had his hand up by his face in utero too and when he's in the tub, it always goes right back up!  I wonder if the warm bath reminds him of the inside  ;)

That's all for now!  Let's see if I can do the seven week update on time!

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