Saturday, August 9, 2014

The one with the 20 week ultrasound...

This pregnancy is flying by!  I hit the halfway mark on Tuesday and we had our 20 week ultrasound on Thursday morning.  Unlike the ultrasound with Charlotte, Boyd was allowed to be in the room right from the beginning so he was able to see everything.  That was really nice  :)

I hadn't heard good things about getting ultrasounds done at the hospital we are using, so I was a little nervous about what the experience would be like.  We had an amazing sonographer who did not stop talking and describing exactly what she was seeing and measuring.  It was so wonderful.  I was thrilled to get to see our little Baby Beans in there.  I have not been feeling as much movement as I had with Charlotte, so I was a little concerned.  However, this time around, I have an anterior placenta - which basically just means the placenta attached itself to the front of the uterus rather than the back, so Baby Beans has about a three centimetre thick cushion in addition to all my skin and belly fat to kick through  ;)  The movements I do feel are more stretching and wriggling type of movements; not the big thumping kicks and punches Charlotte threw.  But, we got to see little BB in there, squirming around, opening his/her mouth, spreading his/her fingers open, waving hi to us ... and my absolute favourite was the shot the sonographer got of his/her little legs crossed at the ankles, as if BB was just chillin' in the hood.  Loved. It.

As you have noticed, I am using he/she rather than telling exactly what sex BB is.  Boyd and I were convinced we knew after the ultrasound was complete, but the report we got at my doctor's appointment a few hours later was the complete opposite.  So, we are not 100% sure what to think.  We are going with what the ultrasound report stated, but we are not announcing it publicly yet because we want to make sure.  I have an appointment on Friday, the 15th, at 3D Miracles to find out for sure.  I am also excited to go so Charlotte can come too.  She was not allowed at the hospital appointment and I know she would get a big kick out of seeing her baby brother or sister on the screen.  As well, it will be really nice to have a picture of the baby like we did with Charlotte.

With that, I will leave with the baby update for this time around...

Baby Beans is the size of a banana!  Our ultrasound tech said he/she weighs about 12oz so right on track.  BB's tastebuds are now working and he/she is swallowing amniotic fluid, getting the digestive system up and running.  His/her sensory development exploded last week and we're hoping he/she can hear us through all those layers of placenta and Mommy chub  ;)

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