Monday, August 15, 2011

The one with the ten month update!

Well, this is it - double digits! Eep! Charlotte turned 10 months yesterday!

Days here are certainly not wasted when it comes to her learning and growing lately. She took her first steps on Tuesday and she was so proud of herself. She's continued to take steps and she really just wants to run! I think as soon as she realizes that she needs to hold her body up straight and slow down a bit, she'll be walking everywhere. She looks so adorable walking around! She has also learned how to climb stairs which is certainly a lot of fun when we're visiting Gram and Grampie's house - all she wants to do is climb the stairs from the family room up to the kitchen. She hasn't been overly interested in toys lately because she's too busy exploring the world. We have had some success with homemade toys like pompoms in an empty cream cheese container :)

We are still signing with her. She signed "more" a couple of times and will still sign "all done". However, in typical Charlotte form, she'll only do it when she feels like it. She waves if we have to her. She claps. I think she may have said some words but I'm not totally sure. What amazes me most lately is that she appears to have quite a bit of self-control. I've watched her at least three or four times already start to do something that I've told her not to and stop herself (i.e. I told her to keep her hands away from the fan and she reached for it again but stopped herself mid-reach). She's a surprisingly good listener for being a baby.

She still absolutely adores books. She will crawl over to her bookshelf and pull out books to happily sit and read by herself. We read a TON throughout the day. Her favourites right now are "Kisses Kisses Baby-O", "Peas and Thank you", "I Like Fruit", "The Ways I Will Love You" and any of her first word type books that have faces to look at. She even notices if certain books are upside-down and will turn them right-side-up before she continues on with the book. So cute!

She has no new teeth yet but her top two are on their way. Her top right looks like it is going to pop through any day now and the top left isn't going to be far behind. She's officially on three meals a day of solids and still takes four bottles. She's been drinking less and less from her bottles lately, though. She's still a GREAT eater and is all business when there's food in front of her. She really loves grapes and mango lately. Fruit, pasta, and meat are definitely her favourite foods.

And that's ten-month-old Charlotte in a nutshell!

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