Monday, July 18, 2011

The one with the nine month update

Nine months!

My apologies for the lateness of updating. I always seem to be out of town when the 14th of the month rolls around.

Charlotte turned nine months on Thursday! We had her 9 month well baby check-up on Friday. She is 17.7lbs, 27.5" long and is doing fantastic!

These last few weeks weren't as explosive as the few weeks before she turned eight months, but she still continues to learn and grow all the time. She's an expert at cruising now and has learned how to smoothly go from standing to sitting. She can stand alone for a short period of time and LOVES to walk while holding onto someone's hands. She recently learned how to clap and has been signing "all done" consistently at meal times. She now has two teeth: both bottom.

Her favourite activities these days are cruising, patting surfaces (patting the coffee table, patting the couch, patting the laptop when I'm trying to type, etc.), playing at her standing activity table, playing with shoe laces, and trying desperately to get into Maggie's food/water dishes. She also love her books and can pull books out of her bookshelf all by herself these days.

She's a total water baby and is SO happy going into the pool. When we bring her into our backyard pool, she kicks her legs like a little frog :) I've also noticed that she's started splashing a lot more in the bathtub now that she's had more water play outside of bathtime. I think that might be why she's so attracted to Maggie's water dish. I've brought out dishes of water to play in on hot days and she has a blast.

She's still eating and sleeping well. She's had some new foods these last few weeks as her pincer grasp has gotten a lot better. I've noticed she tends to bite off pieces now, spit them out, then pick them back up later. It's like she's breaking her food into smaller pieces by herself. She loves Cheerios, mixed veggies (the little ones with peas/corn/cubed carrots/etc), and pineapple lately. She had steak and sushi recently as well. This kid eats WAY better than I do!

And I think that's it on our end! We're just spending as much time together as possible before I go back to work and getting out there and enjoying summer!

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