Thursday, June 9, 2011

The one with the day in the life...

...and it begins early.

Really, it should have started with the clock saying 1:14, then 2:30, then 3:42 because my cat kept waking me up. That darn cat.

Drag myself out of bed to get this silly little goose.

Diaper change

Charlotte tells Bill all about her night's sleep while I prepare her bottle.

Morning feed for lovey.

Morning feed for Mommy.

I get reacquainted with the internet while Charlotte decides to practice pulling up on the only pieces of moveable furniture in the living room...

She decides it's not worth it and settles in with a book.

I get breakfast started.

Charlotte engages in one her favourite activities ever: watching the ceiling fan.


Double-fisting the peaches. Atta girl.
Also finally figured out how to use her sippy without my help. Atta girl x2.

Maggie wakes up and decides to join us.

Charlotte beats up Piglet while I load the dishwasher.
8:41 am and someone's getting sleepy. It's time for a nap.

Diaper change and choose a story. Sit down. Turn the pages.
Goodnight, baby.

Diapers need folding.

Ah, much better.

Quick baby check. 9:04, out like a light.
Time to get ready.

Done and done.

Time check. What to do now?

Quick sweep and mop.

Tidy up the living room.

Hooray, the sun!

Update the ol' FB with my plans for the day and check email/LJ/blogs/etc.

Waiting (im)patiently for the baby to wake up so we can get going.

Hooray! Wake up!

Take a moment to laugh at her Conan O'Brien bedhead.

Diaper change, dressed for the day, and smacking that "other" baby in the mirror.

Feed numero deux.

Sisterly love before lunch.

Quick lunch - leftover roasted chicken sandwich and watermelon. We won't even talk about the crap I had for lunch.

Half-assed kitchen clean up.

Ready to go!

Stop for gas first...

Ugh, traffic.

"Ugh traffic" turned into "ugh construction" which turned into "dammit, I'm going across the bridge, I don't want to do this!" and a pit stop to get change to get back across the bridge and downtown like I wanted.

Yay waterfront!

We meet up with Leah and watch the boats go by.

Flying baby!

We meet a cow, stop for ice cream, and enjoy the accordion dude.
Then it's time to head home.

Tired baby falls asleep before we even pull out of the parking garage.

Home sweet home.
Tired baby wakes up after only 30 minutes of sleeping. She's not happy about it.

Feed number three with sad, tired eyes.

Time to play!
I laugh at her as she tries so hard to pull these links off.

Climbing Mt. Mommy!

Maggie takes a nap in the sun.
I think it sounds like a fantastic idea.

Someone disagrees.

Charlotte plays while I prepare supper.

"All done, Mom!"

Quiet play while I keep an eye on the news.


Grumpy baby is tired.

Goodnight, love.

Change into jammies, settle in with some junk, close up the kitchen, and figure out my night of TV.

7:06 and fast asleep.

Chat with the hubby and apparently make a dumb face.

Top up Maggie's food and water before bed. Maybe she'll let me sleep tonight. Ha, wishful thinking...

Cheer for Boston even though I can't stay up to watch the whole game.

Brush teeth and off to bed...

10:56 (or, judging by this photo, L:7c). Book and bed, there's nothing better.


  1. Awesome! Love the picture of Charlotte looking in the mirror (the night time one). Too cute :)

  2. What a wonderful Life...Love you guys so much :)

    I remember my day in the life over 28 years ago. They go by so fast. Love Mom

  3. So enjoyed 'spending a day' with you and Charlotte, Lisa!!

    Love, Roseanne

  4. This is a fantastic post! I may have to swipe this idea for my own blog sometime :)