Friday, April 15, 2011

The one with the very merry unbirthday!

Charlotte turned six months old yesterday - half a year, wow! Happy half-birthday, baby girl!

Laughing at the ceiling fan - one of her favourite things these days...

Charlotte had her 6 month check up this morning. She is now 14lbs 10oz (yay doubled her birth weight!), and 26 inches long. She's still petite, but hey - so am I! She got two more needles (boo) but now no more needles until she turns one! Yay!

She has just been getting more and more fun over the last little while. She's learning so much and I love watching her discover new things. Now that the weather is getting warmer, we've been going to the park more. She enjoys the swings and the playground equipment, but what she LOVES the most is watching other children. She's fascinated by them! Last weekend, she busted up laughing while watching a group of school-aged girls playing on the swings. It was absolutely precious.

My little hoodlum chillin out in the swing

She's getting steadier and steadier with her sitting. She's always had a very strong core and she can sit up unsupported now for minutes at a time. She can even right herself when she starts to tip over backwards and has moved herself in a complete circle while sitting. She's getting really close to creeping and moved herself a TEENY bit forward last night. She's been staring at her fingers more these days - it reminds me of Christmas time when all she ever did was stare at her hands. Now she's discovered that she has fingers attached! This makes manipulative toys a lot more appealing to her. Watching her spin the beads on her abacus is so funny :)

She's still doing well on a basic schedule/routine. We took her soothers away on Monday in hopes that she would sleep a bit better. She was always either waking up looking for it or it would end up under her face and wake her up because it was uncomfortable. She was waking up almost hourly, the poor kid. So Monday we took the soothers away and Tuesday we started putting her to bed awake and letting her settle herself to sleep. She's had wonderful nights' sleeps this week and very very minimal crying about it. I think she's pretty much forgotten that she ever even had a soother. We're keeping one for when we travel on the airplane, but other than that, we're soother-free!

As far as her feeding goes, we've pretty much ditched the purees and are headed full-force into Baby Led Weaning territory. She seems to really love it and has tried so many things! So far she's had banana, toast, roasted sweet potato, green beans, wax beans, broccoli, pork tenderloin, pancake, cheese, pear, apple, and noodles. We offered some chicken the other night but I think she thought it was pork - she picked it up, looked at it, and put it back down as if to say "yeah, I remember you..." (she didn't like the pork, haha). It's great watching her explore the food and learn how to eat. Sharing our meals is such a nice experience and it making me eat a lot healthier - I've actually been eating fruit.

Toast and banana - yum!

Still can't really believe she's 6 months old. I never thought it would come, haha. Those first few months were so long, tiring, and overwhelming ... but here we are! I love watching her grow and learn. Can't wait to see what the next few months bring!


  1. The boys want to know, when is she going to try bacon and pizza and spaghetti bake :)

  2. Haha as soon as I cook some up! :)
    Love you boys!! xoxoxo