Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The one with the five month update!

Apologies for the lateness - yesterday was Boyd's 30th birthday so celebrating with him took precedence over updating the blog :)

Charlotte turned five months old yesterday! What a big girl!

We didn't have a 5 month well baby check up, so I'm not too sure how much she's grown. I'm pretty sure she's well over 13lbs by now. She's definitely getting heavier, that's for sure!

She is becoming more and more like a little person every day. She is hilarious and has so much personality. She continues to "talk" a lot and I'm slightly convinced that she's going to be an early talker. She loves to watch our mouths when we talk and she moves her mouth at the same time. When we say "hi" to her, she'll usually repeat the sound (a short vocalization with the "h" sound at the beginning) and the other day she watched Maggie (our kitty) walk by and she said "aaaaah-geeee" haha. It was a total fluke, but still funny.

She's been rolling more this past month as well. She rolls back-to-front like a pro and we can't keep her on her back very long these days. She doesn't complain as much as she used to but she still doesn't like being on her belly for too long. She'll reach forward and grab toys to bring to her mouth. She's got the right lower body movements for creeping but hasn't figured out that she needs to use her arms as well. Once she figures that out, look out - we'll have a mobile baby!

That's a look of determination if I've ever seen it!

She's still a drooling and chewing machine but still no teeth. Sometimes I think I can feel them, but I'm not sure if they're teeth or just regular hard baby gums. She doesn't seem overly bothered by it, so that's good. I just make sure to wipe her face a lot so she doesn't end up with a drool rash.

Now that the days are getting more predictable and the weather is nicer, we've been trying to venture out more. We went to a Reel Babies movie with my friend Leah and we've checked out the Babies n' Tots program at the library. I can't wait until it gets even warmer and we can start going to the park. Baby swings, here we come!!

That's it on our end!

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  1. I just googled Reel Babies, what a great idea!! Which movie did you guys see?